Ups and Downs, and downs and ups


Well, it has been quite the action packed week for our little family.


Good news, then 2 minutes later some bad news. More good news then bad. Typical for our situation. I was pretty cool about it all this time, I think I  might have even laughed a little about it but still, I’m sick of the rollercoaster and would like it to stop. It’s not entirely my story to tell, so I’m sorry if I sound a bit mysterious. It really has preoccupied me for the last week, hence the lack of posts, but fingers crossed it will be over sooner rather than later.


To more joyful news, we have also been spending time at my sister’s house for the Anzac weekend which was just fantastic. They have an amazing garden that the girls (and I) loved, a ‘mountain’ to climb, parade’s to watch and fish and chips on a Friday.  We even managed to introduce the girls to the great burn off at Mum and Dad’s farm. Aaah the memories. A great time was had by all.


Now we are off to the ‘other’ Australia – Bali, with my husband’s side of the family for a week. I’ll try to share from there – it’s only my second time visiting, but the girls’ first time out of Australia, so should be fun times ahead.


Linley xx

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