The Easter bunny is coming!

So are you wondering what my special girls will be getting for easter this year? My two have been asking if its Easter yet since about 2 days after Christmas, and to be honest I think they are more excited about this holiday than that one! I couldn’t just load them up with chocolate like I did last year so instead I made these….

 006 (4)


I whipped these bunnies up from a wonderful Gingercake pattern I got hold of a couple of months ago

And these easter felt baskets from a tutorial over on A Spoonful of Sugar (great blog with cooking and crafts)!

 004 (3)


The Easter bunny will be coming as well, although I’ve cut the quantity waaay down from last year. Chocolate is king in their eyes, and I absolutely couldn’t deny them of the joy of the Easter egg hunt. (Even though they have already had two at school and playgroup….)

We will be having our holiday with my folks at their farm this year, so I’ll be sure to take some snaps and update you on the resulting shenanigans next week.

I hope you all have a fantastic break and eat, drink and be merry.


Linley xx

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