Love my Chocolate

Today I’m going to give you the tip on where I buy all my chocolate, cacao, hot chocolate and other lovely things to eat!

Loving Earth is an Aussie company that, among other things, makes raw chocolate using either coconut nectar or agave as the sweetener. The most mind blowing thing about their product is that their raw cacao has 4 times more antioxidants than Goji berries, its the most powerful antioxidant known at this time. I reckon it’s just the medicine you might need for this coming winter. Now isn’t that helpful advice? *wink*

mint choc

To sum up, Raw cacao is:

  • a known ‘mood elevator’
  • high in magnesium (essential for heart, brain and muscle function)
  • a super antioxidant

I also want to clarify, cocoa and cacao are different. Cocoa is a cleaned, roasted and processed version of raw cacao, therefore it has been stripped of much of it antioxidants and minerals, leaving it out of the ‘superfood’ category. It is often then added to powdered sugar and milk, so not that cool anymore!



I’m sharing this with you today because Loving Earth are currently offering up to 30% off their coconut sugar chocolates and free shipping on orders over $40. This is a great oppurtunity to try them out.


Let me know if you love it,


Linley xx

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