Immunity boost? Yes please


This time of the year brings out all the ‘nasties’. I should know, last year I think I got every one of them. This is a powerful detox tea that could help you fight them off.


6 things Cayenne pepper is fabulous for including, wait for it,

  1. Anti-flu: the pepper moves that mucous on baby
  2. Anti-fungal: helps fight infections
  3. Detox! Gets our lymphatic and digestive systems moving.
  4. Improves your circulation
  5. Helps with headaches – now this is something I’ve recently experienced.
  6. It helps heals ulcers – as a digestion stimulant it relieves abdominal cramps, acidity and gas.



 (sourced from pinterest)


Immunity Tea


1 small piece of ginger chopped finely
1 garlic clove diced very finely
1 lemon juiced
a dash of cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon of honey
2 cups of water

1. Bring water to boil and add ginger, garlic and cayenne.
2. Squeeze the lemon juice into the water and add finely diced rind. Soak for at least 11 minutes.
3. Drain the tea water, add honey and stir and drink when possible!


Oh, another thing, cayenne is from the capsicum family so you may already be on the right track!


Linley xx


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