I’m cold and I don’t like it.



It’s not been an awesome week. I’ve had deeply sad family news and I’ve been hitting the chocolate. I’ve also not been taking my vitamins for a while and it shows.


I’m in a world of grump and yell. Smiles are forced and not readily available. It’s bad all round and I need to get back on track. The sugar has been creeping in through chocolate (I’m out of the good stuff), giving me headaches and bad moods.


I’ve been sitting and reading constantly, self improvement literature mostly which is beautiful and inspiring, but full on and requires quite a level of concentration to really ‘get’. So it’s kinda hard to absorb and make work when your darling angels are needing their needs (as they should and deserve to receive).


Enough of the wah wah. I know what needs to be done, a good completely sugar free cleanse, back off the wine mid week and grab some rays when they appear. I’m a total SAD person, seasonally affected dork. I really, really don’t like winter or coldness. Blugh. It’s been this way forever. At the start of every winter I go completely glum. I need my sunshine, or at the very least a sauna!


Much love to you all, if you’re like me then I hope you can find some heat too (even in your living room with the heater on 30),



Linley xx

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