Holidays before holidays

I’ve just returned from a mini break with the hubby to Melbourne, where it is even more cold than Lancelin. Brrrr.


We had a wonderful time, I managed to walk in to Movida, (it was 6.30 on a Friday) using my best, ‘I’m from the West’ routine to ensure many chats with cute waiters. The food was sensational, as was the wine and service. It was a really wonderful start to our trip.


We then wandered over to North Melbourne for a wonderful breakfast catch up with friends from ‘back home’ who have taken the plunge into the coldest place on earth. The Auction Room was my kinda place, the sugar on the table was coconut sugar, need I say more? Due to my many delicious red wines from the night before I required 6 teas to kick start my morning. Yes 6. Small cups, but terrible I know.


So onto the reason for our adventure – the Dockers v Geelong game where we enjoyed my favourite football treat. Stuffed spud. It was good, but not as good as Subi :) I will not mention the game due to my continued devastation.


Its a long story, but we ended up staying in Torquay for the night, what a beautiful part of the world. We again had a great breakfast along with the ‘Torquay Tigers’ who, by all account must have had a win the day before.  You know you’re in the right spot when the local footy team break their fast there.


Now we had about 8 hours til we needed to fly home, so we did what anyone with a car does and drove in the opposite direction first. The Great Ocean Road is a wonderful drive, the waves were sufficiently small and crowded to not upset the hubby and the shopping stops were kept to a minimum. Due to our enormous breakfast we didn’t need lunch so turned around at Lorne then kept driving all the way back to our old haunt, Albert Park. We hit in a great café where we had one of the best risottos Ive had, and a nasi goreng – odd combo on a menu but they were both perfect. A spot of kitchen gadget and book shopping and we were off to the airport.


I didn’t need to eat yesterday til about 3pm. It was worth it though.


Linley xx








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