Getting back ‘into’ it

We’re back home from our holiday in Bali!

We had a great time, it was wonderful to relax and get some warmth into the body before the winter. The girls had a ball in the pool with their cousins and were thoroughly worn out by the end of the day. The hubby and I definitely plan to go back again.

One problem I did have was the Mosquitos getting Miss C (poor thing always gets the rough end of the stick). I hated putting all that Deet on her everyday but we really had to. So I’m just wondering does anyone have any natural products they know of that actually work? I did have a few different things with me, but they just didn’t stop her getting bitten. Miss A of course didn’t have a problem with them, and neither did we. Other than that all was well.

I had my usual grumpy end of holiday ‘I don’t wanna go back’ sads. My hubby reckons I feel this way because of all those boarding school holidays and the horrible feeling of having to go back ‘in’, so now that’s just how I feel when a holiday is over! He may well be onto something there.

Anyway I’m sure I’ll get over it soon, it’s mothers day this weekend and my Mum and sister are coming to stay which should be fun!

Linley xx

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