Gardening Update – the vege’s are in

It’s gardening update time! After Erin’s inspiring post I thought I’d share with you where I am at with the vege patch. My Mum and Dad came up to our place this week for my birthday and bought seedlings with them as part of my present! They then helped me put them in – double yay!

003 (4)


We have broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, snow peas, cabbage, asian greens mix, beetroot, rocket. They also had a few seed packets on the go so we threw in carrots (on seed tape – genius), beans and spinach I think? We had Miss C helping out, in the nud – so no pics this time. She loves gardening though, and ended up with the job of chief watering girl. It then promptly rained for most of the day.


005 (4)

Here is the evidence of our work – pretty unimpressive at the moment. (passionfruit and garlic chives remain from sheer bloody determination)

027 (2)


And a little evidence that the hubby did help out – here he is bringing in the pig manure last week. I then had to shovel it in but it’s all about the teamwork! We do this everytime we re-plant the garden, and you can see from where we are and the difference in soil colour, that you really need to to add some nutrients to this soil for anything to grow.








Thankyou to Mum and Dad for getting the show on the road – I was finding it so hard to make it to the garden center to get these babies but now it’s all done. Just need the all important herbs – which I will get at a more mature level so we can enjoy them quicker.


Linley xx

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