Coco for coconut oil! 8 reasons you should be too.

I love this stuff, it is so super yummy and can be used in so many ways, both in cooking and for homemade beauty treatments. I particularly fancy homemade raw chocolate using a base of coconut oil, rice syrup and cacao.

Virgin coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid. The medium part is the crucial bit – they are easily digested and absorbed by our bodies, converting to energy – compared to long chain molecules which generally don’t break down as easily and get stored as fat. The other big plus is that 50% of the oil is a type rarely found, called lauric acird, a ‘miracle’ compound known for it’s antiviral, anti bacterial properties.




8 wicked points about Coconut oil:

  • Good for your heart – it wont mess with your cholesterol. Pacific island populations have a very high coconut oil intake and non-existent rates of heart disease. Read here.
  • Easily converts into energy and speeds up your metabolism
  • Helps you lose weight – it’s easily digestible and great for those with IBS
  • Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes – protects body from insulin resistance
  • Great for cooking – it has a higher smoking temperature so won’t turn rancid when cooking (like olive oil can – creating free radicals)
  • Boosts the immune system – contains microbial properties (antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral)
  • Great for your face, body and hair treatments, it absorbs right in so doesn’t leave you with an oily feel
  • Stops those sugar cravings, it gets sent straight to your liver where it’s coverted to energy – without the insulin spike

Now I know you’re as excited as I was, but we shouldn’t be going crazy with this stuff – a max of 4 tablespoons a day is recommended.

Check out my favourite recipe for chocolate cream shortbread slice . You can also roast your potatoes and sweet potatoes in it for a waay healthier version than my favourite (very very bad for me) red rooster ones!


Linley xx


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