Chillin’ and thinkin’

Hey ho lovely readers!


I’ve just had another little mini break in the beautiful South West to celebrate a gorgeous friend’s decade birthday.


We have been lucky (?) enough to have this little getaway child free, however, as per usual I missed them like sleep. Which is weird as that is what they take from me at home as well 😉


We didn’t really ‘do’ much but we have talked a lot, and then sat in silence a lot as we both tapped away on our respective ‘boards. It was just been nice and calm and stress free.


I’ve been thinking about the direction of this blog, and what it is you all really want to see here. I know what I like seeing and reading but that may not match up to your expectations. I’m always conscious (in life and here) of not offending people. I think maybe that could be to my detriment, as I tend to end up doing it anyway. I’ve steered away from big pronouncements or opinions not commonly held, for fear of looking a bit foolish. I know there are some terribly brilliant writers and bloggers and health guru’s out there and I wonder where I fit in…. So I will see where all this pondering leads me.


For now I still enjoy sending my musing’s and finding’s out to you in the hope that I can prompt or provoke you into researching for yourself new ideas for balancing a healthy life with a happy one.


Linley xx


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