Banana and Cinnamon Cookie

These are another favourite of Miss C’s – and then there’s the added triple awesome bonus to them being healthy, they are flour free without the use of eggs! She is highly allergic to eggs when not bound with flour, so the switch to gluten free for her is very difficult. She has had eczema badly since she was first born – I have a photo I look at every now and then to remind myself just how bad it was. Her little face at 8 weeks was just completely red, swollen and covered in painful spots, hence why I’d prefer to get her off the gluten and give her a chance for her teenage years! (Oats have a different type of gluten to flour).





This cookie recipe is from Teresa Cutter The Healthy Chef. I have used her alternate options for this version, but the little changes you can make to this cookie to suit your own tastes are endless. Please click through here to see her original recipe.




For this batch I have used coconut instead of nuts, halved the honey (banana is sweet enough) and doubled the sultanas in place of apple pieces. Several times I’ve used chocolate chips and I have also given quinoa flakes a go. Personally, the quinoa flakes were fine if eaten within 3 days, but quickly went ‘off’ after that. I also make them a little smaller, she has said the recipe makes 12 but I go for about 20, which is a tablespoon full when rolling, then cook for 25 mins. That way I can have 2 at a time and a bit sooner!



Linley xx

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