As you know I have two precious girls and a wonderful husband. I live on the beach, north of Perth and have a great love of anything crafty.

This blog came about through my need to communicate my trials and experiments I’ve applied in my own life, in the hope that I can help others who have found themselves in a similar situation. In January 2012, the combination of stress and anxiety took its toll. I wasn’t happy about anything, or particularly sad. What I did feel, was angry.

I needed a plan, preferable a natural one – to a balanced, healthy and content life. There was certainly room for improvement in my diet and I felt I owed it to my body to work on these areas first before going down traditional medicine’s path of prescribing a panacea to the symptoms.
So I upped the multivitamins and tried a couple of natural therapies. They appeared to work for a while, until they didn’t. So around the middle of June I was searching through the internet and found Sarah Wilson, of ‘I Quit Sugar’ fame. I ordered the online books and quit sugar straight away.

I didn’t find it difficult to do at all, because the alternative to this method not working was unacceptable to me. I have now been sugar-free since June 2012, and along with excercise, a combination of vitamin supplements and support from friends and family I seem to have it together.

So the intention of this blog is to explore wellness naturally, trying out new and different ideas, recipes and ways we can be kind to ourselves to enjoy LIFE.


Linley xx


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